Fields of Sociology

The young discipline of Sociology is growing rapidly and its importance is being recognized almost in every society. This stands valid in case of the first and the third world countries. Index of such a popularity can be seen from the student enrollment. strength of sociology teachers, the nun her of text books produced and the number of sociologists occupying executive and advisory positions in the Government. Sociology is undergoing the processes of institutionalization and professionalization very rapidly both in developed and developing countries.

The specialized fields of Sociology are discussed as under.

  1. Rural sociology
  2. Urban sociology
  3. Human ecology and environmental study
  4. Social research methodology
  5. Race and ethnic relations
  6. Criminology
  7. Community development
  8. Sociology of social problems
  9. Political sociology
  10. Sociology of religion
  11. Social psychology
  12. Mathematical sociology
  13. Sociology of education
  14. Socialization and identity
  15. Popular culture
  16. Sociology of knowledge
  17. Sociology of planning
  18. Sociology of development
  19. Economic Sociology
  20. Sociology of the family
  21. Cultural anthropology
  22. Sociology of recreation
  23. Industrial sociology
  24. Historical sociology
  25. Medical sociology
  26. Occupational sociology
  27. Sociology of Law

The above specialized fields of sociology present a fair good idea of the scope and importance of this discipline. Sociology is not only an intellectual discipline but is also a profession. There are many sub field and branches of sociology like medical sociology, military and folk sociology.