Importance of Sociology in Society

In today’s world, the importance of Sociology is growing day by day. In this era of globalization every next day social life of man is becoming more and more complicated. It is Sociology which makes people to understand the complexities of life and guides them how to cope with the ever-changing situation. The practical aspect of Sociology is very important in the study of social problems, social work and social adjustment. Due to its importance Sociology has become popular as a teaching subject in the colleges and universities as well.

The study of sociology has great importance in our society. We will discuss, how sociology helps us in different ways.

Sociology detects and Solve Social Problems: Due to population explosion increasing industrialization and urbanization. and advancement in the field of science and technology social changes occur rapidly in the world societies. As a result, people are facing many new and complicated social problems. It is impossible to understand and solve these problems without the support of sociology. Sociology locates these problems, discover their causes in a scientific way and devise practicable solutions to them. The scientific study of human affairs can ultimately provide the body of knowledge and principles that will enable us to control the conditions of social life and improve them.

Sociology Helps in Planning and Development.  No one can think of development in any sector without proper planning. A comprehensive study and research in the concerned field is indispensable for planning. And this work is done by a sociologist. After a scientific research he provides data. observations and conclusions on the basis of which different developmental plans are made. Without the investigation carried out by sociology no real effective social planning would be possible. it helps us to determine the most efficient means for reaching the goals agreed upon. A certain amount of knowledge about society is necessary before any social policies can be carried out”.

Sociology makes a scientific study of society. Prior to the emergence of sociology the study of society was carried on in an unscientific manner and society had never been focused in any science. The study of sociology made it possible to understand and learn scientific ways to study society.

It is through the study of sociology that the truly scientific study of the society has been possible. Sociology because of its bearing upon many of the problems of the present world has assumed such a great importance that is considered the best approach to all the social sciences.

Sociology studies role of the institutions in the development of the individuals. It is through sociology that scientific study of the great social institutions and the relation of the individual to each is being made. The home and family the school and education. the church and religion, the state and government, industry and work the community and association. these are institutions through which society functions. Sociology studies these institutions and their role in the development of the individual and suggests suitable measures for strengthening them with a view to enable them to serve the individual better.

Helps in Preservation and Growth of Culture: The sociologists collect information about their culture. They transmit it to others. They as teachers are doing the same job. The sociologists also write books, etc. to preserve the cultural heritage. So they preserve and give growth to the culture in different ways i.e. writing about culture and to teach it to the students in the subject of Sociology

Sociology has made broaden the outlook of man. The social phenomenon is now understood in the light of scientific knowledge and enquiry. According to Lowie most of us think that our way of doing things is better and superior to all others. Sociology has given us training to have rational approach to questions concerning one’s self, one’s religion customs morals and institutions. It has Further taught us to be objective. critical and impartial. It enables man to have better understanding both of himself and of others. By comparative study of societies and groups we are able to know our own weaknesses as well as of others. Sociology also impresses upon us the necessity of overcoming narrow personal prejudices. ambitions and class hatred. It is through the study of sociology that our whole outlook on various aspects of crime has change. The criminals are now treated as human beings suffering. from mental deficiencies and efforts are accordingly made to rehabilitate them as useful members of the society.

Sociology is of great importance in the solution of international problems. The progress made by physical sciences has brought the nations of the world nearer to each other. But in the social field the world has been left behind by the revolutionary progress of the science. The world is divided politically giving rise to stress and conflict. Men have failed to bring in peace. Sociology can help us in understanding the underlying causes and tensions.