Relationship between Sociology and History

There is a direct relationship between sociology and history. Both sociology and history cannot be separated from because sociology is the present and history deals with the past events. According to Ibn-i-Khaldoon no historian could write history of a nation without knowing the social condition to the nation and society.

History is the study of past events and movements found in the written records. It establishes the causes of past events of a particular nation at a given time. These events cover the field of economic, social, political and public administration. The historians also study wars, accommodation, assimilation, acculturation and other such activities and the behaviour of the past people at a given time. Sociology studies the origin and growth of all the social institutions which give some idea of past events. Thus, a sociologist must take the help of historical data, because he is unable to find such a type of information through observations. Sociology is different from History, as Sociology covers the past, present, and future events regarding human behaviour whereas, History, restricts itself to the past only.

Analysis of historical data facilitates to obtain sociological generalization regarding present social institutions. Historical information may provide the basis to trace past trends of social movements, social and cultural changes. Even some of the historians have written social histories, i.e., dealing with human relations, social and cultural patterns, mores and customs and important institutions other than Kings and army Generals.

Differences between Sociology and History


  1. It is interested in the study of the present social phenomena.
  2. It is a young social science.
  3. It is based on analytics.
  4. It is absorbed in nature. It studies mostly regular, the recurrent and the universal.
  5. Sociology is generalized and seeks to establish generalizations after a careful study of the social phenomena.
  6. Sociology follows the sociological approach. It studies human events from the sociological point of view.


  1. It deals with past events of humans. It is silent about present.
  2. It is an age-old social science. It has a long story of more than 2000 years.
  3. Itis a descriptive science.
  4. History is concrete. The historians are interested in the unique, the particular and the individual.
  5. History is individualized and rarely makes generalization. It establishes the sequence in which events occurs.
  6. History studies human events in accordance with the time order with historical approach.