Functions Uses and Importance of Research in Sociology

The need and importance of research cannot be denied. It is a purposeful activity which leads us towards light from dark, towards knowledge and awareness from ignorance, and towards development and prosperity from backwardness and miseries. The importance of research can be easily known from the following points

Creates New Knowledge

Naturally, man has always been curious to know the secrets of the universe, and research provides him this opportunity. Up-till now many unknown things have been discovered. "Research creates new knowledge and expands the frontier of the existing knowledge". It means that research is a big source of knowledge and information. It opens new ways of knowledge and wisdom." When a researcher di 3covers a new fact. he fells a sort of pleasure and satisfaction. Research not only discovers new facts and their interpretation but it also systematizes knowledge. "It is done in an orderly systematic manner. It is tested. validated and generalized and utilized when need arises.

Progress and Development

Research and progress are correlated, interrelated and interdependent. Research is an essential tool in leading man towards progress and prosperity. Research in fact, has simulated socio-economic scientific and technological development in the world over. Information Technology (IT) once benefited by research, now revolutionizing and innovating research activities.

Solution to Social Problems

Through research we diagnose and analyze social problems after which we are able to find suitable solutions to them. We cannot solve our social problems until we understand how and why they start and persist. Social science research offers a way to examine and understand the operation of human affairs. It provides points of view and technical procedures that uncover things that would otherwise escape our awareness. Often things are not what they seem; social science research can make that clear. The special value of research is that it offers a way to address social issues with logic and unbiased way.

Cultural Development

The secret of our cultural development also lies in the promotion of research, which breaks away the boundaries ignorance and superstition and open avenues of enlightenment, truth and better ways of life. The blessings of research are evident in the form of countless discoveries and inventions, which have dramatically changed our individual and social life.


During research, social phenomena are studied and analyzed on the basis of which social researchers could foresee how things are going to happen in future. For example, after studying 'population growth', a researcher comes to know the increasing population growth rate and its causes, and on the basis of that he can predict that what the population of a country would be after 10 years or so.

Social Planning

Social planning is a pre-requisite for development. But social planning is the outcome of social research. Without social planning, we cannot think of development, and without research social planning is not possible.

Social Welfare

Social evils can be removed through social research. Social research enables us to find out the magnitude and the real causes of evils and helps us to remove these evils, and firings prosperity in the life of the people.

If the goal of research is progress and prosperity, happiness and fuller life, then it must be accorded top priority in the national plans of development and must be adequately supported by political will' and liberal financial resources. The discriminatory has been pursued between basis sciences research and social sciences research, should be given up. Human development as a human being is more important than the development of physical in infrastructure